[libvoikko] openoffice.org-voikko 3.1.2rc1

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Tue Aug 3 23:32:59 EEST 2010

A release candidate for bug fix release of openoffice.org-voikko is available 
for testing at


This release contains a fix for Trac ticket #16, a major configuration 
compatibility issue with upcoming OOo 3.3.

I have also included a small configuration change that will allow bypassing 
the license dialog during standalone extension installation, a feature that is 
also newly added in OOo 3.3. This change has no effect on Linux where the 
license dialog is not usually used.

The compatibility issue #16 is serious since it will completely prevent 
OpenOffice.org from starting up when the affected extension is installed. 
Uninstalling the broken extension is apparently possible with unopkg so 
distribution packagers do not need to do anything special to handle this 
upgrade. Just make sure that you make this fixed version available before your 
distribution switches to OOo 3.3 and you will avoid all problems.

For Windows users there will be no real problems since the widely distributed 
binary extension for that platform is old enough that it does not even contain 
the problematic configuration file. Newer experimental release will break but 
that is to be expected with such things.

Those who have downloaded the OS X extension from 
http://www.puimula.org/htp/ooo/voikko-mac.html may be in big trouble when they 
upgrade to OOo 3.3. I try to make updated extension available as soon as 
possible and we will need to instruct OS X users to upgrade the extension 
before they upgrade OOo, otherwise they need to resort to running unopkg from 
console to fix their installation.

Thanks to Ville-Pekka Vainio and other Fedora people for finding and solving 
this problem long before the release of OOo 3.3.


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