[libvoikko] openoffice.org-voikko 3.1.2

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Thu Aug 5 17:19:58 EEST 2010

Openoffice.org-voikko 3.1.2 has been released. Release notes and sources are 
available from SourceForge as usual.

Upgrading to this release appears to be necessary for anyone who indents to 
use the extension with OpenOffice.org 3.3. I have also made available a fixed 
version of the binary extension for OS X 10.5 (Intel):


If you have such system, I would appreciate if you tested this extension with 
the developer builds of OOo 3.3 and let us know if it works. I do not have 
Apple computer myself so I have not been able to test this repackaged 
extension at all. The sooner I get a confirmation that it works the sooner I 
can make it the default download for OS X users. This will save some trouble 
for Finnish OOo users on OS X when OOo 3.3 is released although I'm still 
afraid that quite many of them will be bitten by this bug when they upgrade to 
OOo 3.3 :(


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