[libvoikko] Sámi/HFST , anything new?

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Wed Jun 2 13:39:57 EEST 2010

On Wednesday 02 June 2010, Sjur Moshagen wrote:
> We have finally settled on the license(s): GPL v3+, and other licenses upon
> request. We haven't yet added the license text to all files, but that will
> happen in the nearest future.

Great. Does the copyright on the material belong to the Norwegian Sámi 
Parliament? That is what


says on Hunspell Sámi dictionary which I assume is build from the same source 
files than the HFST morphology. If it does, things are fine and I can remove 
this issue from my list.


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