[libvoikko] Replacing SVN with Git for version control

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Tue Mar 2 21:58:27 EET 2010

I have been thinking about switching some components of Voikko from Subversion 
to Git. If I remember correctly Teemu suggested the switch almost two years 
ago. Back then I did not want to do that because Git was relatively new. Not 
very many developers (including me) knew how to use it, support for Windows 
and IDEs was poor and there were no established hosting sites for Git 
repositories (not that you necessarily need them with Git).

Now things have changed. I and many others have learned Git, tools are 
available, SourceForge supports Git and there are sites like Github. It seems 
like at least libvoikko might benefit from using Git because multiple backends 
are being developed but I remain the only one with commit access to SVN.

The biggest problem right now is tests. The Git philosophy is against large 
multi project repositories like the Voikko SVN is right now. With Git we 
should have separate repository for each component. But many of Finnish spell 
checking tests and testing tools are shared between libvoikko and Suomi-
malaga. If libvoikko was in Git I could no longer commit the tests and code at 
the same time. But I can live with that especially since many of the more 
recent tests for libvoikko are actually in the libvoikko sources.

Would any of you who currently write patches for libvoikko or indent to do so 
in the future prefer using Git instead of SVN?


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