[libvoikko] Namespace collisions in HFST and Lttoolbox

Krister Lindén krister.linden at helsinki.fi
Tue Mar 23 11:56:05 EET 2010

Sjur Moshagen wrote:
>> The only ways to fix this problem without fixing SFST would (as far as I can 
>> figure right now) are either to move the use of SFST to a separate process or 
>> use some runtime linker tricks (which usually are not portable).
> I fail to see this as a problem, only as a consequence of the present code status, which is to my knowledge only temporary. My understanding is as follows:
> - runtime use of hfst transducers should be done through the runtime library
> - the runtime library has no code or dependencies whatsoever on the code and libraries used in the hfst compilers, it is a completely separate piece of code
> - the present state of hfst integration with LibVoikko is only temporary, and I guess more or less by accident uses the full hfst library (with the SFST and OpenFST dependencies) instead of the runtime library
> That is, the whole issue should go away as soon as the full hfst library is replaced with the runtime library (unless there are namespace issues between the runtime lib and Apertium).

This is still the intention. The current solution is only intended for 
the development stage. The latest HFST runtime library supports flag 
diacritics, but suggestion generation is still in the works.

However, there is an advantage of developing with the full HFST library, 
as it lets all the bells and whistles of the full HFST be used for 
prototyping. When we have a stable set of essential features and 
functions, we will make sure that they are available in the HFST runtime 


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