[libvoikko] Lttoolbox - libvoikko backend integration issues?

Andris Pavenis andris.pavenis at iki.fi
Sun Mar 28 17:43:50 EEST 2010

28.03.2010 14:55, Harri Pitkänen kirjoitti:
> On Sunday 28 March 2010, Andris Pavenis wrote:
>> Some things that I think should also be done together with update:
>> - Moving all msvc stuff (currently only libvoikko.vcprj) to subdirectory
>>     (perhaps msvc)
>> - Adding VC++ solution file into that subdirectory
>> - Adding projects for voikkospell and voikkohyphenate
> Maybe for voikkogc too?
>> Additionally it would be nice to still have project from VC++ 2005 in SVN.
>> Is it OK to commit these changes.
> Yes, it you have them, please commit.
> The new MSVC build files should also be mentioned in EXTRA_DIST of Makefile.am
> so that they get included in source packages which are generated by "make
> dist-gzip". But I can take care of that. I am currently making some
> modifications to autoconf files to allow the use of Pthreads in voikkospell
> and there could be conflicts if someone else modified the autoconf stuff. Any
> changes to MSVC files are OK, I do not indent to touch them in the near
> future.

OK. All is in SVN.

Tested only with command line tools (voikkospell, voikkohyphenate) yet.

I used Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition (+ Platform SDK For Windows Server 2003 R2)
under Windows Vista SP2.


PS. I shall update also svn:ignore in subdirectory msvc accordingly.

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