[libvoikko] Lttoolbox - libvoikko backend integration issues?

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sun Mar 28 14:55:40 EEST 2010

On Sunday 28 March 2010, Andris Pavenis wrote:
> Some things that I think should also be done together with update:
> - Moving all msvc stuff (currently only libvoikko.vcprj) to subdirectory
>    (perhaps msvc)
> - Adding VC++ solution file into that subdirectory
> - Adding projects for voikkospell and voikkohyphenate

Maybe for voikkogc too?

> Additionally it would be nice to still have project from VC++ 2005 in SVN.
> Is it OK to commit these changes.

Yes, it you have them, please commit.

The new MSVC build files should also be mentioned in EXTRA_DIST of Makefile.am 
so that they get included in source packages which are generated by "make 
dist-gzip". But I can take care of that. I am currently making some 
modifications to autoconf files to allow the use of Pthreads in voikkospell 
and there could be conflicts if someone else modified the autoconf stuff. Any 
changes to MSVC files are OK, I do not indent to touch them in the near 


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