[libvoikko] libreoffice-voikko 3.2rc1

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Fri Feb 11 21:59:13 EET 2011

Release candidate for upcoming libreoffice-voikko 3.2 is available at


Major changes in this release (compared to 3.1.2):
- "Ignore all" works for individual grammar checker rules in Spelling and
  Grammar dialog.
- Spell checking is supported for up to 74 different languages. The actual
  number depends on how libvoikko has been configured and which morphologies
  are available.
- As a side effect of the previous point it is now possible to install the
  extension without installing Suomi-malaga. It is debatable whether such
  installations are sensible at this point but at least the extension now
  handles them gracefully.

The extension description and logo refer to Finnish because end users still 
most likely install the extension for use with Finnish and not with other 


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