[libvoikko] Openoffice.org-voikko renamed to libreoffice-voikko

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sat Feb 5 12:32:09 EET 2011

Openoffice.org-voikko was just renamed to libreoffice-voikko and will be 
released with that name when version 3.2 comes out in a few weeks. The main 
reasons for renaming the package were

- It will be mostly developed with LibreOffice, not with OpenOffice.org. 
Although for extension developers these products still are source and binary 
compatible this may change in the future. It would be strange if a product 
called openoffice.org-voikko would not work with OpenOffice.org.

- Most people who care about source package names are Linux distributors. They 
are already renaming their binary packages to libreoffice-voikko and usually 
prefer to have the same name for binary and source packages, if possible.

- There are published preliminary trademark guidelines for trademarks 
"LibreOffice" and "LibO" that explicitly allow using the trademark this way 
with products designed to work with LibreOffice. Trademark guidelines for 
OpenOffice.org are still being drafted (and have been for the last fours years 
or so).

The rename does not mean dropping support for OpenOffice.org in this or even 
future releases. It will be supported for as long as it seems practical and 
useful. That said, developers of LibreOffice have not promised to maintain 
extension compatibility with OpenOffice.org indefinitely. I expect that for 
extension like this maintaining source compatibility (perhaps with some 
#ifdefs) for both products will be relatively easy even when that happens.


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