[libvoikko] Request for info: languages and spell checking in openoffice.org-voikko

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Fri Feb 11 08:20:18 EET 2011

Den 10. feb. 2011 kl. 22.10 skrev Harri Pitkänen:

>> We do have some rudimentary morphologies for other Sámi languages as well,
>> but these lack support in OOo/LibreOffice at the moment.
> Actually it appears that there is no full locale data for any Sámi languages 
> in these applications. This means that for example "Sami, Northern (Norway)" 
> is not available as default document language (Tools -> Options -> Language 
> Settings -> Languages -> Default languages for documents). But you can use it 
> as text language (Format -> Character -> Font -> Language) and spell checking.

Yes, that is a result of our lack of understanding at the time we asked for Sámi support on OOo.

> If this level of support is sufficient also for the missing languages, all I 
> need to know is the preferred language code (language-REGION) for them. I can 
> then add the mappings to openoffice.org-voikko and submit a request to have 
> the languages added to OOo and LibreOffice.

It is ok as a starting point, but ...

> If on the other hand you would like to have the Sámi languages supported as 
> proper locales (and appear as a choice for default document language etc.) we 
> need the full locale data. Names for months and days of week, decimal 
> separator, currency and things like that. In the end we need to produce a file 
> like this:
>  http://hg.services.openoffice.org/DEV300/file/dae1ffc5c15d/i18npool/source/localedata/data/sv_SE.xml

... this is what we really want:)

It will take time though to reach this point for all languages, so going for the simpler version (no document language, only text language) would be a very useful intermediate solution.


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