[libvoikko] Bug report notifications

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sat Feb 19 09:55:36 EET 2011

I just noticed this bug that was reported (and luckily also fixed) two weeks 


Sometimes I do get notifications about new Trac tickets but in this case I did 
not. Thus I did not notice the ticket in time, sorry about that. The build 
error was due to STLPort headers and STLPort is not used on 64-bit Linux so I 
noticed it just by accident when I was building the code on a 32-bit laptop. 
But the bug is fixed in the latest release, so no harm was done.

Since there does not seem to be a way to configure the SourceForge Trac to 
send notifications of all new tickets I added a recommendation to our bug 
reporting page that you should enter "hatp" as the Cc: for all new bugs. 
Hopefully this will prevent missing these in the future.


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