[libvoikko] ooovoikko+hfst+dictionaries packages (was: Re: libreoffice-voikko 3.2rc1)

Flammie Pirinen flammie at iki.fi
Mon Feb 21 21:06:32 EET 2011

Harri Pitkänen kirjoitti 21.2.2011 kello 20.26:

> On Monday 21 February 2011, Flammie Pirinen wrote:
>> I've been trying to get windows version to work as well, but it
>> doesn't seem to work for me and I have no skills to debug stuff on
>> windows. AFAICS it doesn't even start to load the automata but
>> recognises the configuration, so probably hfst bug here. (broken
>> version similarly at
>> <http://www.helsinki.fi/~tapirine/tmp/voikko-kl-win32.oxt
> At least that one links against the debug libraries for quite recent  
> version
> of MSVC. Unlike on Linux, debug binaries cannot be run on ordinary  
> Windows
> systems (they only work if the debug versions of runtime libraries are
> installed).

Well, I kind of followed the instructions here <http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/voikko/wiki/build/windows 
 >, but I didn't find other than the debug versions of libraries after  
building (in msvc\Debug\). This might just be that I don't know how to  
use visual studio yet, the last time I used it was with version 6.0  
and it had easier user interface for just compiling the project :-)

> Additionally I'm not sure if the compiler you are using is too new  
> to be used
> with OOo. Support for the most recent MSVC was just added to  
> LibreOffice in
> the development trunk but it is not yet present in any released  
> version of
> OOo/LibreOffice.

I tried visual studio express 2010 first but with it ooo build  
actually errors out that version of visual studio is too new, so I  
rebuilt everything with visual studio express 2008, which is actually  
oldest you can download from microsoft's site. This version doesn't at  
least complain when compiling.

>> All in all if we get the windows port functioning, I think these
>> bundles of ooovoikko and selected dictionaries may be good for  
>> average
>> end users. The advanced end users and linux distributions may opt for
>> separated libraries, plugins and dictionaries.
> One thing I really would recommend is to disable loading of external
> dictionaries from extensions that are distributed to end users. This  
> is
> because you are using experimental features and dictionary formats  
> which will
> very likely not be compatible with the stable formats. If someone  
> happens to
> have current or future stable dictionaries somewhere there will be  
> problems...
> I can add build option for disabling the external dictionary loading  
> in
> libvoikko.

Fair enough, that will also make my alpha testing easier as I don't  
have to move around my dictionaries.

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