[libvoikko] voikkospell segmentation fault + Sámi+hfst questions

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Tue Sep 6 07:56:07 EEST 2011

Den 6. sep. 2011 kl. 05.38 skrev Flammie Pirinen:

>>> - alphabet.hfstol and spl.hfstol which should contain the acceptor
>>> and alphabet in latest HFST optimized lookup format. Or that's what
>>> I assume, the actual files I use are from Tommi, I did not build
>>> them myself. I don't have Sámi transducers either, I'm testing with
>>> English ones instead.
>>> After those are in place, spelling should be testable with
>>> "voikkospell -d se". In this configuration you won't get any
>>> spelling suggestions. I have not tested if those would work with
>>> current code.
> Should work, just needs Suggestion-Backend: hfst and files sug.hfstol
> and err.hfstol for the suggestion dictionary and the error model
> correspondingly, the former can be ln -s'd from the speller if
> necessary;

I copied instead of linking the speller hfstol file, but it did not help.

> for my own purposes I've used suggestions from a dictionary
> that does not contain productive compounding or derivations, which
> works nicely for me, for Finnish.
>> * the alphabet.hfstol file is bad for SE (but I don't know what it is
>> expected to be) - Tommi, can you answer that?
> It's not awfully important, as long as it contains neat subset of
> alphabets in the dictionary.

This is one possible source of error, since I'm still using the Finnish one - it might not be a nice subset. How is this transducer made?

>> * also, I'm using HFST3 files now, it might be that the hfst backend
>> code doesn't yet support that - Tommi, what is the status?
> It should be all up to installed libhfstospell, if ospell works then
> there's relatively little chance for voikko part of it to fail.

So I would think as well.

>>> Application level support is currently only 
>>> available for OOo/LibreOffice, the rest (Enchant, Firefox) will
>>> probably follow after we have a stable release of libvoikko
>>> supporting more than one language.
>> Since I'm on MacOS X, I would really like to see the
>> VoikkoSpellService plugin updated to include proper support for hfst
>> languages as well :)
> Actually me too, I just noticed that after update to Snow Leopard
> building ooo plugins is noticably more annoying but apparently newest
> libreoffices should use the spell service stuff if available.

It does. In my LibreOffice installation I have access to all OOo spellers + the ones installed on the system, ie spellservice spellers of all kinds.

> In practice I have the zhfst patch as attached working, it supports
> both the legacy style quadruplet of hfstol files or the new zhfst one
> with same malaga configuration file as before, and speller.zhfst as
> filename. 
> However my primary target before polishing all the zhfst stuff is to get
> the greenlandic oxts available for all platforms. If I start to work on
> next version of hfst-ospells instead I fear the already way too
> postponed greenlandic spellers will never get to end users.

Understandably. I assume that this work will also benefit a broader user group over time, as the oxt work is basically language independent and can be integrated with the voikko oxt code base later on?

I am happy to play with whatever Greenlandic oxt you have, if you need more testing:)


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