[libvoikko] VoikkoSpellService + hfst questions

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Thu Sep 8 09:25:17 EEST 2011

Den 6. sep. 2011 kl. 07.56 skrev Sjur Moshagen:

>>>> Application level support is currently only 
>>>> available for OOo/LibreOffice, the rest (Enchant, Firefox) will
>>>> probably follow after we have a stable release of libvoikko
>>>> supporting more than one language.
>>> Since I'm on MacOS X, I would really like to see the
>>> VoikkoSpellService plugin updated to include proper support for hfst
>>> languages as well :)
>> Actually me too, I just noticed that after update to Snow Leopard
>> building ooo plugins is noticably more annoying but apparently newest
>> libreoffices should use the spell service stuff if available.
> It does. In my LibreOffice installation I have access to all OOo spellers + the ones installed on the system, ie spellservice spellers of all kinds.

I'm trying to get this working, but there are a couple of hurdles. I need to compile the required libraries for the relevant architectures, so the first question is which libraries are really required at the moment.

For libvoikko:

In Marko Wallin's excellent guidelines on compiling on the Mac (see http://verteksi.net/files/voikko/voikko_3_osx_10-6_build_notes.txt and http://verteksi.net/files/voikko/voikko_3_osx_10-6_build-libs.sh.txt) there are references to libiconv and glib. But if I have read the past release notes correctly, these are not required anymore. Is that so?

Especially for the 64-bit building his setup for osxspell also builds libiconv. Is that really necessary nowadays?

Please note that his guidelines were written against an older version of libvoikko, but he seems to have been testing these things at least against libvoikko 3.1.

For libvoikko+hfst:

Does the present libvoikko+hfst integration use the full hfst package, or only the hfstospell lib? Ie is it enough to compile only hfstospell for the correct architecture(s), or do I need to compile the whole hfst tool set for the architectures I need for VoikkoSpellService?


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