[libvoikko] voikkospell segmentation fault + Sámi+hfst questions

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Tue Sep 6 14:28:15 EEST 2011

Den 6. sep. 2011 kl. 07.45 skrev Sjur Moshagen:
>> The last one (libvoikko compiled without hfst backend support) is one 
>> possibility. Problems with *.hfstol files should not show up this way.
> I did compile with the proper option set, but could it be possible that the hfst libs aren't found at runtime (which is probably required when dynamically linked)? I have installed HFST in a non-standard location (--prefix=$HOME), but got the linking etc to work during compilation. I had expected that to be enough - but is it?

This was it. As soon as I installed both HFST, hfst-ospell and LibVoikko in the default location (ie no --prefix), everything worked fine (after Tommi fixed a small bug in hfst r1621). I have a working sme voikko+hfst speller :D

I also had to run ./autogen.sh again to fix the build environment.

Basic take-home: using non-default prefixes is too complicated for me, at least when it concerns a chain of dependent pieces of software :D


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