[libvoikko] [Fwd: Libreoffice Voikko+HFST standalone extension for Mac issue]

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Sep 12 16:39:41 EEST 2011

Forwarding without attachments, they were dropped by Mailman. The error
message in the dialog was the one LibreOffice displays when it cannot load
extension component for any reason.

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Aihe:          Libreoffice Voikko+HFST standalone extension for Mac issue
Lähettäjä:     "Sjur Moshagen" <sjurnm at mac.com>
Päiväys:       ma 12.9.2011 12:28
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(I'm starting a new thread to keep the archives cleaner and more

I managed to build the LibreOffice Voikko+HFST extension, and it works
fine on my own system. But as soon as I move it to another computer,
instsallation fails. This goes the same whether I'm using OpenOffice 3.1
or LibreOffice 3.3.4.

The exact steps I've taken, and the response I have received was:

1. copied the voikko.oxt to the other computer (Intel MacBook Pro, MacOS
2. Starting LibreOffice in Writer, new document
3. Opened Tools > Extensions
 (Verktyg > Tillägg
), and clicked "Add..."
4. Selected the oxt file, and installed for a single user
5. After a second, a dialog appears (see picture below)
6. I closed and reopened the Extension dialog (but no Voikko is visible)
7. I quit and restarted LibreOffice, and opened the extension dialog again
- now Voikko is visible, with a message saying "Error: the status of this
extension is unknown", and with buttons Activate and Remove
8. If I try to activate, I get the same dialog (slightly different title,
see picture below)
9. I could remove it without problems

The system on the other machine is MacOS 10.5.8, so in principle that
could be the reason for failure. But what I believe is the most likely
candidate is that the libvoikko library has not been included in the
extension, and since it isn't installed on that system by other means, the
extension installation fails.

I used the following adaptions in the Makefile:


and added the following files/dirs to lib/voikko/:

└── 2
    ├── libmalaga.7.0.0.dylib
    ├── libvoikko.1.dylib
    └── mor-standard
        ├── voikko-fi_FI.lex_l
        ├── voikko-fi_FI.mor_l
        ├── voikko-fi_FI.pro
        └── voikko-fi_FI.sym_l

The intention was to include one default language (malaga-based Finnish),
and the libraries needed. I had to put the libraries within the 2/ dir to
get them included in the oxt.

Something is obviously wrong, but I am unable to see what the solution is.


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