[libvoikko] Voikko, cyrillic and case handling

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Wed Jan 25 22:15:40 EET 2012

Den 25. jan. 2012 kl. 21.17 skrev Harri Pitkänen:

>> Is there anything more that needs to be done to make sure we get
>> suggestions?
> I don't think there should be anything else... My guess is that this has 
> something to do with the speller options. Try running "voikkospell -s 
> ignore_dot=1" and see if that breaks suggestions.

Didn't change anything.

> If you can provide me with the transducer I can try to debug the issue.

I will. I'll send it to you off-list.

Now I have received feedback from another person, and he does get suggestions, at least sometimes, in OOo. The only variable I can find is that he is using OOo (330м20 build 9567, Norw. nynorsk interface, komi as Ukrainian), and I am using LibreOffice (3.4.3).

>> The speller is a very early version of a Komi speller. In OOo it is
>> disguised as Ukrainian, since Komi presently is not supported by
>> OOo/LibreO.
> I have LibreOffice build environment set up here so I might be able to add 
> Komi locale data and submit it upstream quite easily. Unless you are already 
> working on it I'll have a look at it next week.

That would be great:) I haven't done anything on that issue yet.


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