[libvoikko] Introducing VFSTs (Varissuo Finite State Transducers)

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Thu Mar 1 16:17:42 EET 2012

On Wednesday 29 February 2012, Sam Hardwick wrote:
> Very interesting! I'd be interested in hearing more about VFST, sounds
> very useful.

I can write something about the format in the wiki soon.

> 1) Does the VFST lookup do result caching? That's known to give a big
> speed boost.

No. Spellers that are built on top of the analyzers do cache the spelling 
results but analysis results are not cached. This was designed this way 
because Malaga results were complex and hard/expensive to cache. Of course now 
that the results are just strings it would be possible to move the cache from 
spell checker down to analyzer.

> 2) 80.4 s for 80 000 words sounds slow for hfst-optimized-lookup, even
> with OmorFi. There's probably something a bit off here.

I suppose so. Maybe the tool was configured with debug settings or something 
like that. I'll check later today.


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