[libvoikko] Proposed licensing changes for libvoikko and libreoffice-voikko

"Harri Pitkänen" hatapitk at iki.fi
Sat Mar 3 14:14:07 EET 2012

ti 31.1.2012 17:35 "Harri Pitkänen" kirjoitti:
>  * Core code of libvoikko (this includes just the parts that cannot be
>    configured away, that is, backends are not affected) would be licensed
>    under GPLv2+/LGPLv2+/MPLv1.1+ tri-license.

There were no objections so I have started to change the license headers
in libvoikko.

The sources contain some files that were initially developed by someone
else than me. If any of you have committed such files and agree to this
new license I would ask you to update the license header for your files.
This is important because MPL puts the "Initial Developer" in slightly
different position than "Contributors". Mark yourself as the "Initial
Developer" and if I have made some further changes to the file, put my
name to the list of Contributors (I'm OK with that for all files under
src). You can take the header template from src/character/SimpleChar.cpp
and replace the names and years (located at the middle of the template).

Again, it is not required to update the license for backends that can be
configured away. It is also not required to do it for foreign programming
language interfaces (Java/C#/Lisp). But all of these can be changed if the
author wishes to do so. Personally I will most likely relicense most
backends and interfaces that I have written in order to help code reuse
and avoid extra complications for distributors.


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