[libvoikko] Libvoikko for WIN64, cross compiling, VFST portability and re-licensing status

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Mar 19 21:20:41 EET 2012

== Cross-compiling libvoikko for Windows on Linux ==

It is possible (and has been for a while, I just did not know it) to compile 
Windows binaries for libvoikko on Linux. I did that on Debian and it was 
really easy: just install mingw-w64 and provide correct --host for configure. 
I have updated the build instructions to mention this:


You don't even need Windows to test these binaries. "wineconsole cmd" will 
give you a console where you can run voikkospell to see that the binaries
actually work.
== Libvoikko for 64 bit Windows ==

Cross compiling provided me with an easy way to try building libvoikko for 64 
bit Windows. There was just one compilation error in Malaga backend that I 
have now fixed. Support for 64 bit binaries in Wine is still experimental so I 
was not able to test if the 64 bit library is functional. I don't have a real 
64 bit Windows so I won't be able to test this any further.

Binaries for both 32 and 64 bit Windows can be downloaded from

The included versions of compiler and C++ standard libraries are from Debian 
mingw-w64 2.0.1+svn4784-2.

== VFST portability improvements ==

VFST backend is now fully functional on big and little endian Linux systems 
and on Windows (most likely on OS X as well). VFST compiler can produce both 
big endian and little endian files on all platforms. Both formats work on all 
systems but memory mapped access can only be taken advantage of when endianess 
of the file matches the platform endianess.

Windows binaries mentioned above support VFST transducers in addition to 
Malaga grammars.

== Libvoikko core re-licensing is complete ==

Libvoikko core has been relicensed to GPL/LGPL/MPL on SVN trunk. The new 
license covers everything needed for VFST backend (but no other backends) and 
interfaces for .NET, Python and Java.

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