[libvoikko] Libvoikko for WIN64, cross compiling, VFST portability and re-licensing status

Marko Wallin marko.wallin at iki.fi
Tue Mar 20 20:46:37 EET 2012

19.3.2012 21.20, Harri Pitkänen kirjoitti:
> == Libvoikko for 64 bit Windows ==
> Cross compiling provided me with an easy way to try building libvoikko for 64
> bit Windows. There was just one compilation error in Malaga backend that I
> have now fixed. Support for 64 bit binaries in Wine is still experimental so I
> was not able to test if the 64 bit library is functional. I don't have a real
> 64 bit Windows so I won't be able to test this any further.
Did a quick test and the cross compiled libvoikko seems to work on 64 
bit Windows 7 when run on command prompt. Tested just voikkospell with 
couple of words. Didn't work with mozvoikko on 32 bit Firefox as the 
library couldn't be loaded.

// Marko

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