[libvoikko] Publishing Voikko Java-interface to central Maven repository?

"Harri Pitkänen" hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Aug 12 15:30:26 EEST 2013


ma 12.8.2013 14:47 Juha Komulainen kirjoitti:
> Are the any plans to get Voikko on central repo?

There were no plans but I think we should get it there.

> If necessary, I can help in getting the POM into shape, but I guess it
> would be best for the primary developers to handle the actual account
> creation and deployment.

If you could help me with the initial work by improving the POM, I can
continue from there. Right now I'm on vacation and using a computer
without proper Java toolchain but I will look into this once I'm back home
(next week).


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