[libvoikko] hfst-ospell and Windows

Flammie Pirinen flammie at iki.fi
Thu Jul 4 08:12:16 EEST 2013

2013-06-30, Harri Pitkänen sanoi:

> Then I found TinyXML2: http://www.grinninglizard.com/tinyxml2/
> It might be used as a replacement for libxml++ and would kill the
> need for all its dependencies, reducing the above list of
> dependencies from 8 to only 3 libraries.

Seems like a reasonable option, I made a configure switch for it and
started to hack but ran into dead end since the tinyxml2 documentation
isn't too good and I neither have time to dig solutions from examples
or source codes for now. If I understand the system correctly it should
be mostly copypaste and replace from libxml++ version but still a bit
of doing. I've left libxml++ as default for now. I suppose libxml would
be another option, it looks absolutely horrible in c++ but is quite
widely used everywhere so should be relatively much easier.

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