[libvoikko] different output via voikkogc and libreoffice-voikko

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Tue Oct 1 16:43:29 EEST 2013

On Tuesday 01 October 2013 11:53:05 Francis Tyers wrote:
> I've managed to get voikkogc to return grammar errors as reported by the
> CG... so far the code is quite horrific, but it seems to work. However,
> when I try to run it through the libreoffice with the same sentence, I
> don't get the same result. The grammar checking does not take place. It
> never seems to get to "voikkoNextGrammarErrorUcs4". Any idea why this
> might be ?

Libreoffice-voikko does not know that it is possible to do grammar checking 
for language "se" and thus it will not even try.

In some previous mail I mentioned that some changes are required to the 
libvoikko API and libreoffice-voikko in order to allow grammar checking for 
languages other than Finnish. It seems like time for those changes is now: we 
need to add a function for retrieving the list of languages for which there is 
a grammar checker available.

Would it be possible to merge the gramchk branch back to master? Once that is 
done I can make the necessary changes. Doing them in master now would lead to 
horrible merge conflicts.

Meanwhile you should be able to work around this problem by changing the 
language code of your dictionary from "se" to "fi".


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