[libvoikko] Changes to libreoffice-voikko for reliable (un)installation

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Sat Aug 30 17:49:32 EEST 2014

30. aug. 2014 kl. 17:27 skrev Harri Pitkänen <hatapitk at iki.fi>:

>> The build system is a macosx 10.6 with all patches, and my only changes to
>> the settings (Makefile) are the path required to build a standalone
>> version, and the list of (static) libraries to link in the link stage.
>> Everything else should be as in trunk.
> Is the list of static libraries the same for functional (3.4.2) and broken 
> (Git master) extension?

Yes, the list is exactly the same. I keep them in a separate dir, and just copy the list of libraries to be linked from one Makefile to the other.

> There are 18 commits between 3.4.1 and current master. If 3.4.1 works but 
> master does not the problem must be one of these commits.

But aren’t there API changes between LO < 4.1 and LO 4.1≤? That is, LO-voikko 3.4.1 isn’t compatible with LO 4.1+? And the fact that the OXT built for LO 4.1 does work for LO 4.1 (just as the oxt built for LO 3.6+ works fine for LO 3.6-4.0.x) but the same OXT does NOT work when used with LO 4.2+ looks very suspicious and strange to me.

I just installed the OXT built for LO 3.6-4.0.x in LO 4.3, and it behaves exactly the same as the OXT built for LO 4.1+ - the settings pane is empty and nothing works.

I tried to find relevant log files, but could not find anythin. Any tip on what and where to look (for)?


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