[libvoikko] Is is possible to specify multiple dictionary paths for ./configure?

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Mon Dec 29 20:40:46 EET 2014

29. des. 2014 kl. 17:50 skrev Harri Pitkänen <hatapitk at iki.fi>:
> Hi!
> On Monday 29 December 2014 15:27:53 Sjur Moshagen wrote:
>> Is it possible to specify multiple dictionary search paths as compile time
>> overrides? Something like:
>> ./configure --enable-hfst
>> --with-dictionary-path="/Library/Spelling/vokkio;~/Library/Spelling/vokkio”
> Unfortunately this is not yet possible. But if you have use for such feature I 
> can implement it.

There has been recent work on another macosx speller service implementation with support for multiple languages (https://github.com/roguePanda/MacVoikko). The main implementer has put the zhfst files in /Library/Spelling, the same place as one should put the .aff and .dic files of Hunspell spellers. This would follow the general dictionary structure of MacOSX, and as such it seems ok and quite fitting.

There are two issues though:

1) People expect that things put in /Library/Spelling should work also in ~/Library/Spelling (and possibly /System/Library/Spelling)
2) I would like to retain the default locations, which are automatically disabled when using the override - being able to specify a list would resolve that

So yes, if possible, it would be nice if you could implement support for this :)


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