[libvoikko] ZHFST, libreffice-voikko and Windows: new test build available

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Fri Jan 31 16:54:40 EET 2014

On Friday 31 January 2014 16:47:38 Harri Pitkänen wrote:
> 1) URL for a web page that contains download information or links for one or
> more languages. At least oxt file for Windows and information on where to
> get the sources for the extension and the speller should be available on
> that page.

And the sources for the extension are

Zlib 1.2.8
Libarchive 3.1.2
Tinyxml2 (git revision 343a5ff3bdd7336644db4080f001759e062c359e)
Hfst-ospell (SVN revision 3659)
Libvoikko (git revision b2f79308d1497746c6b26936bb96c845ca29149e)
Libreoffice-voikko 3.3


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