[libvoikko] Function visibility question

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Wed Jan 29 11:57:05 EET 2014


When I have compiled the libreoffice-voikko oxt lately, I have gotten a lot of the following warnings:

ld: warning: hfst_ol::TransducerAlphabet::get_key_table()      has different visibility (default) in /Users/sjur/alibs/libhfstospell.a(libhfstospell_la-ospell.o) and (hidden) in /Users/sjur/alibs/libvoikko.a(HfstAnalyzer.o)

ld: warning: std::pair<std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, float>::~pair()has different visibility (default) in /Users/sjur/alibs/libhfstospell.a(libhfstospell_la-ospell.o) and (hidden) in /Users/sjur/alibs/libvoikko.a(HfstAnalyzer.o)

I don’t understand the meaning of this warning, but the oxt seems to work just as intended. Is there anyone on the list that could tell me if the warning is significant or can be ignored? Or even better: how I can avoid the warning (ie what have I done wrong).


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