[libvoikko] Changes to libreoffice-voikko for reliable (un)installation

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Thu Sep 4 10:41:52 EEST 2014

4. sep. 2014 kl. 10:09 skrev Sjur Moshagen <sjurnm at mac.com>:

>> If the problem cannot be reproduced with these examples there is something wrong with libreoffice-voikko. Otherwise it is likely a bug in LibreOffice and should be reported to bugs.libreoffice.org
> Based on the above, it looks like there is an issue in libreoffice-voikko.
> I am no C++ programmer, and I am afraid my efforts have to stop now - I really do not know what to do next, and what to look for. More knowledgeable people will certainly do this much, much better and faster than me (if I at all would be able to do it).

I was wrong :)

I did a last check of the generated xml files manifest.xml and *.components. The last one had no significant differences, but manifest.xml had a difference that could be relevant: the specification for the component file.

The complextoolbarcontrols example had generated this:

  <manifest:file-entry manifest:media-type="application/vnd.sun.star.uno-components;platform=MacOSX_x86_64"

The LO-voikko file had this entry:


The crucial difference here is the part "type=native;” in the voikko manifest. I removed it, rebuilt the oxt, installed it - and after a restart of LibreOffice - it worked!

There were no errors in the C++ code or elsewhere, just a tiny detail in the manifest.

Finally, we have a working libreoffice-voikko for 64-bit LibreOffice - the default download for most all Macs running MacOSX 10.8 or newer!

The extra restart of LO is a small regression to the 32bit LO, but that is the same as for the example oxt I built, so that must be something in LO.

Now I will go rebuild our downloadable LO-voikko with hfst spellers:)


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