[libvoikko] Changes to libreoffice-voikko for reliable (un)installation

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Thu Sep 4 17:20:35 EEST 2014

On Thursday 04 September 2014 10:41:52 Sjur Moshagen wrote:
> The crucial difference here is the part "type=native;” in the voikko
> manifest. I removed it, rebuilt the oxt, installed it - and after a restart
> of LibreOffice - it worked!
> There were no errors in the C++ code or elsewhere, just a tiny detail in the
> manifest.
> Finally, we have a working libreoffice-voikko for 64-bit LibreOffice - the
> default download for most all Macs running MacOSX 10.8 or newer!
> The extra restart of LO is a small regression to the 32bit LO, but that is
> the same as for the example oxt I built, so that must be something in LO.
> Now I will go rebuild our downloadable LO-voikko with hfst spellers:)

Great to hear that you managed to find a fix! I'm not yet sure if removing 
type=native is a safe thing to do for all platforms (it seems very strange) so 
I will not remove it from the official sources. But you can of course use that 
fix where it helps. I will now build a new version on Windows and if it seems 
to work I will publish a new release candidate.

Do you need a new hfst-ospell for Windows? The latest I have built is from 
revision 3659 and it has worked fine for me. But if you know that there are 
important fixes in later versions I can build a new one.


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