[libvoikko] Northern Sami in Webvoikko

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sat Sep 27 12:28:57 EEST 2014

Web based proofreading service Webvoikko can now do spell checking for 
Northern Sami language:


Here are quick instructions (the interface is in Finnish):

- Under "Valitse sanasto" select "Giellatekno/Divvun/UiT fst-based 
speller for Northern Sami".

- Now you can type or copy-paste your text into the text area under 
"Kirjoita teksti". No need to click any buttons, spell checking results 
will soon appear under the text area. Red words are spelling errors. You 
can click them to get suggestions (and clicking a suggestion will 
replace the word in the text area). Clicking correctly spelled words 
would display information about the word but that does not work with 
HFST spellers.

- Under tab "Oikolue WWW-sivu" you can enter an URL for a web page 
containing text in Northern Sami, for example 
   Clicking "Oikolue" will fetch the page, extract text from it and 
display the results. Red and green bars next to the text can be ignored. 
If grammar checking was available those bars would tell if the text is a 
full paragraph or some other kind of text content (grammar checking will 
use relaxed rules for non-paragraph text content).

If the service is useful or you wish to see improvements, let me know.


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