[libvoikko] Mozvoikko 2.2

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Sep 14 20:51:57 EEST 2015

Mozvoikko 2.2 has been released. There were no changes since 2.2rc1.

You can download both the traditional source code package and an XPI extension 
package signed by Mozilla from http://voikko.puimula.org/sources.html

I have no idea if/how the signature in that XPI can be used in Debian/Ubuntu 
packages. But I guess that if the files mentioned in the signature manifest 
files are included without modifications then the signature should be valid 
even if the packaging format changes from .xpi to .deb. 

The process of obtaining the signature was really simple. The extension went 
through a manual review but that was fast, it only took two hours.

Additionally it is worth noting that all Linux users whose distributions 
contain packages for libvoikko and required dictionaries can just install 
these and then go to our source code page and click "signed XPI" in Firefox to 
install the extension. This will work even if Mozvoikko is not packaged in the 


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