[libvoikko] JavaScript implementation of libvoikko

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Feb 29 18:08:38 EET 2016

An incomplete alpha version of libvoikko in pure JavaScript is now available. 
You can use any recent browser on any platform to test it here:


Currently only Finnish VFST format is supported and many features (such as 
grammar checking and hyphenation) are still missing. But implementing the 
missing parts should be relatively straightforward.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is that for the first time 
libvoikko has actually been compiled (not just wrapped or re-written) to 
another programming language.

Native JavaScript port could be used to replace the platform dependent shared 
libraries in Mozvoikko making it much easier to distribute. I have not yet 
made any performance measurements but I expect that the code should run fast 
enough for that purpose. Of course this does not solve all the problems we 
have with Mozvoikko.

This implementation should also be usable with Node.js but I have not yet 
tried that.


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