[libvoikko] Voikko and upcoming changes to Firefox extensions

Tino Didriksen mail at tinodidriksen.com
Tue Mar 28 12:47:09 EEST 2017

On 28 March 2017 at 11:39, Henri Sivonen <hsivonen at hsivonen.fi> wrote:

> > All of these languages depend on the hfst-ospell library for run-time
> use,
> That adds more complexity. :-( Do I understand the following correctly?
>  * hfst-ospell is under Apache License 2.0.
>  * hfst-ospell depends on libarchive (BSD license)
>  * hfst-ospell depends on libxml++2 (LGPLv2 or later)
>  * libxml++2 depends on libxml2 (MIT license)
>  * Finnish is the only spell checking language that libvoikko works
> with without these dependencies.

hfst-ospell only depends on libarchive, and doesn't even need to do that.
You can build without any 3rd party libs, if you package the spellers raw
instead of in a compressed archive.

There is no strong dependency to any XML library. I removed that, as it
wasn't actually used for anything besides showing manifest information.

-- Tino Didriksen
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