[libvoikko] divvun-gramcheck in libreoffice-voikko

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer unhammer at fsfe.org
Fri Jan 19 15:37:59 EET 2018


I'm integrating the http://divvun.no/ grammar checker into
LibreOffice. Since Voikko already has a nice plugin, I tried using that
as a base and just swapping out the relevant parts from
GrammarChecker.py, and magically it Just Works (after putting our lib
into pythonpath).

We'd like to use the libreoffice-voikko code as a frontend to the Divvun
grammar checkers for Northern Saami and any of the other grammar
checkers that may be developed under the Divvun/Giellatekno projects
(https://victorio.uit.no/langtech/trunk/langs/). However, I'm not sure
how best to organise it.

The easy way would be to make a friendly fork with a different plugin
identifier ("no.divvun.ooovoikko"?), which doesn't depend on
libvoikko. I don't think we'd need many more changes to the code, but
we'd still need to backport any fixes to libreoffice-voikko, which is a

But it might also be possible to integrate the projects, so that
libreoffice-voikko optionally depends on libdivvun. The plus side is we
get any libreoffice-voikko fixes in our code immediately, and Voikko
suddenly supports more languages. But I see some downsides too. For one,
the plugin has to contain a lot more logic for the optional libdivvun
which might or might not be there; lists of supported languages now
become a map from languages to backends (needing some sort of conflict
resolution in case of overlap). Distribution packages also have to have
a new optional dependency, and people who will only use Divvun checkers
still have to install the libvoikko dependency (unless
libreoffice-voikko only optionally depends on libvoikko, but that of
course will make the code more complicated).

Any thoughts on this? (Anything I've missed?)

best regards,
Kevin Brubeck Unhammer 
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