[libvoikko] divvun-gramcheck in libreoffice-voikko

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Jan 22 17:03:44 EET 2018


I think that it would be best to have different extension identifier for
the Divvun grammar checker. This will allow users to install Voikko and
Divvun extensions side by side. In case both happen to implement
checker for the same language LibreOffice already provides a dialog
where user can choose the priority order for different checkers.

(It is actually possible for single extension to provide multiple
grammar checker modules in LibreOffice but implementing that would
likely require more changes in the code than keeping them separate.)

Maybe the friendly fork approach is easier to start with. Possibly
that is all we need. The code in libreoffice-voikko changes very rarely
these days as it is now about as complete as it can be. But we might
also consider merging the changes later. In fact very early versions
of the extensions supported building the code with configurable
extension identifier (using sed expressions in Makefile) but support
for that was dropped when the alternative (non-free) backend was
no longer useful.


Kevin Brubeck Unhammer kirjoitti 2018-01-19 15:37:
> Hi,
> I'm integrating the http://divvun.no/ grammar checker into
> LibreOffice. Since Voikko already has a nice plugin, I tried using that
> as a base and just swapping out the relevant parts from
> GrammarChecker.py, and magically it Just Works (after putting our lib
> into pythonpath).
> We'd like to use the libreoffice-voikko code as a frontend to the 
> Divvun
> grammar checkers for Northern Saami and any of the other grammar
> checkers that may be developed under the Divvun/Giellatekno projects
> (https://victorio.uit.no/langtech/trunk/langs/). However, I'm not sure
> how best to organise it.
> The easy way would be to make a friendly fork with a different plugin
> identifier ("no.divvun.ooovoikko"?), which doesn't depend on
> libvoikko. I don't think we'd need many more changes to the code, but
> we'd still need to backport any fixes to libreoffice-voikko, which is a
> downside.
> But it might also be possible to integrate the projects, so that
> libreoffice-voikko optionally depends on libdivvun. The plus side is we
> get any libreoffice-voikko fixes in our code immediately, and Voikko
> suddenly supports more languages. But I see some downsides too. For 
> one,
> the plugin has to contain a lot more logic for the optional libdivvun
> which might or might not be there; lists of supported languages now
> become a map from languages to backends (needing some sort of conflict
> resolution in case of overlap). Distribution packages also have to have
> a new optional dependency, and people who will only use Divvun checkers
> still have to install the libvoikko dependency (unless
> libreoffice-voikko only optionally depends on libvoikko, but that of
> course will make the code more complicated).
> Any thoughts on this? (Anything I've missed?)
> best regards,
> Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
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