[libvoikko] Rust bindings

Ronja Koistinen ronja.koistinen at kapsi.fi
Sun Feb 3 21:46:11 EET 2019


I have spent the weekend writing a Rust crate which implements libvoikko
bindings for the language. It isn't quite feature-complete yet and test
coverage isn't 100%, but I feel it's close enough for today :)

The repo is here: https://github.com/ronjakoi/voikko-rs

It is not yet available on the central Rust repository crates.io, but I
will probably publish it during next week.

I have a question about version numbers: should the version of my crate
be 4.1.1, which is the version of libvoikko I have tested against, or
should the version of the crate be independent, e.g. 1.0?

Ronja Koistinen

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