[libvoikko] Rust bindings

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Sun Feb 3 23:05:35 EET 2019


Ronja Koistinen kirjoitti 2019-02-03 21:46:
> I have spent the weekend writing a Rust crate which implements 
> libvoikko
> bindings for the language. It isn't quite feature-complete yet and test
> coverage isn't 100%, but I feel it's close enough for today :)
> The repo is here: https://github.com/ronjakoi/voikko-rs

Looks really good to me. Thanks you for taking this task! I added the 
link here


but you can of course add details and/or more links to help Rust 
as I am not that familiar with the language myself.

> It is not yet available on the central Rust repository crates.io, but I
> will probably publish it during next week.
> I have a question about version numbers: should the version of my crate
> be 4.1.1, which is the version of libvoikko I have tested against, or
> should the version of the crate be independent, e.g. 1.0?

I think independent versioning would be better. Libvoikko currently does 
follow semantic versioning (although it might be good to change that). 
some major changes such as adding or removing dictionary backends do not
necessarily affect bingings at all so you might end up making releases 
do not actually contain any changes.

We have many bindings now shipped directly as part of libvoikko source 
It is of course possible to have your Rust bindings there as well. But 
not sure if that makes things easier or more difficult. Maybe only 
really belongs there as it is the only one of them that actually needs 
to libvoikko source code. All other bindings just wrap the compiled 
library and thus could be handled as separate projects. But I have no 
preference either way and trust your judgement on this. Let me know what 


> Yours,
> Ronja Koistinen
> http://hermoraun.io/
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