[libvoikko] Rust bindings

Ronja Koistinen ronja.koistinen at kapsi.fi
Mon Feb 4 14:41:59 EET 2019

On 3.2.2019 23.05, Harri Pitkänen wrote:
> We have many bindings now shipped directly as part of libvoikko source
> code.
> It is of course possible to have your Rust bindings there as well. But I'm
> not sure if that makes things easier or more difficult. Maybe only
> JavaScript
> really belongs there as it is the only one of them that actually needs
> access
> to libvoikko source code. All other bindings just wrap the compiled native
> library and thus could be handled as separate projects. But I have no
> strong
> preference either way and trust your judgement on this. Let me know what
> you
> think.

Rust software is typically developed using the "cargo" package manager
which pulls dependencies from the central crates.io repository,
similarly to "npm" for Node.js or "pip" for Python. I don't think
bundling my code with libvoikko would be particularly useful, but feel
free to include some links or documentation if you wish.


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