[libvoikko] Libreoffice-voikko with HFST support for Windows available for testing

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Thu Jan 9 11:59:27 EET 2014

8. jan. 2014 kl. 19:19 skrev Harri Pitkänen <hatapitk at iki.fi>:

>> Is is technically feasible to build such an oxt? So that the end users would
>> have only one binary to choose (ie nothing to choose at all), or is that
>> way too complicated?
> It is technically possible but it will also lead to unnecessary updates (if we 
> only fix platform specific bugs). And it will break completely as soon as we 
> have more than one binary incompatible build of LibreOffice with the same 
> platform identifier (this is already the case on Linux). So in my opinion this 
> is too risky.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

>> We talked briefly about distribution the other day, and most end users will
>> only need a single language. Given the complexity of building the oxt for
>> different platforms, would it be possible to take one default oxt, unzip
>> it, replace the zhfst file with the requested language’s zhfst file - and
>> possibly a readme, license and icon - and then just rezip the oxt with the
>> proper name?
> This is indeed how it should be done. We have already switched to a language 
> independent icon so all you might want to modify is the description.xml so 
> that it is easier for the users to see what they have installed.
> In fact I have already scripted that once (this was for Malaga dictionaries 
> but it is even easier to do for ZHFST spellers). See "Phase 2: build oxt 
> packages":
> https://github.com/voikko/corevoikko/blob/master/tools/bin/voikko-build-dicts#L164

Great! I’ll see how I can integrate this in our build infra. I can at least use it as inspiration :)

> It might make sense to translate some of the UI elements and description texts 
> in libreoffice-voikko so that they are available in those languages that the 
> users might likely use as the user interface language in their operating 
> system or LibreOffice. Norwegian (bokmål + nynorsk), Swedish and Russian for 
> example.

Agreed. Would that be the strings listed in SettingsDialog_LOCALE.properties?


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