[libvoikko] Libreoffice-voikko and 64 bit LibreOffice on OS X

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Jan 27 16:50:51 EET 2014

I'd like to know if libreoffice-voikko (or more specifically any of the 
available binary extensions) works with 64 bit LibreOffice on OS X. I believe 
some people on this list have a 64 bit Mac; if you do, please download this 
pre-release build of LibreOffice 4.2


and try installing for example this extension


and/or any of your own builds and let me know if they work for you.

I would like to have this information so that I can provide correct 
information for the users of OS X. If the currently available extensions don't 
work we need to instruct the users of libreoffice-voikko to download a 32 bit 
LibreOffice instead (which may cause compatibility issues with the latest Java 
for OS X).


PS. The extension located at http://www.puimula.org/htp/ooo/voikko-mac.html 
does not need to be tested. It is old and 32-bit only so it will definitely 
not work.

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