[libvoikko] Changes to libreoffice-voikko for reliable (un)installation

Sjur Moshagen sjurnm at mac.com
Mon Sep 1 11:02:34 EEST 2014

1. sep. 2014 kl. 09:03 skrev Sjur Moshagen <sjurnm at mac.com>:

>> One thing that could explain this is that you are using 64 bit version of 
>> LibreOffice. If the META-INF/manifest.xml file in your extension states that 
>> the component is for 32 bit OS X it would simply be ignored when you use 64 
>> bit LibreOffice. In that case the symptoms would be exactly those you are 
>> seeing.
> What is left to do is to build a 64-bit or - preferably - a universal binary version of LO-voikko. In the meantime, I will document to our users that only 32-bit LO is supported for now.

I am now trying to build a 64-bit version. I had to change to MacOSX 10.8, because LO 4.3 requires 10.8, despite the system requirements page stating that 10.6 is the minimum :(

Anyway, I can make the OXT work with 64-bit LO 4.3 - but only using a FULL debug OXT. As soon as I turn off the debugging, the oxt goes blank as if it was a 32-bit build.

I have checked the voikko.dylib, and it is decidedly 64-bit. I have also checked the platform attribute in the manifest.xml, and it says MacOSX_x86_64.

Something is clearly different between the two build modes, but I am unable to pinpoint what that is.

Any help would be appreciated.


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